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Shandong Province,China
Laiwu Lemei Handicraft Co.,Ltd

add:Laiwu District,Jinan City,Shandong Province,China

Phone:+86 531 76442286

Fax:+86 531 76442286

Mobile:+86 18963453999   

           +86  15020898628



About us

       Laiwu Lemei Handicraft Co., Ltd was founded on August 28th, 2009 with registered asset of 1 million RMB. //Our company is located near Jilaiqing and Bolai highway,// also 803 provincial road, //adjacent to Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang ports, //with its geographical location and convenient transportation,// this area is the ideal place for business development.// Our companies focus on corporate culture, //committed to building a happy and harmonious, civilized, prosperous Lemei family.

      "Customer orientation, quality products, honesty and employees are family" is the key to our success.// Since the foundation,// we provided customers with high-quality service, excellent products, //strict management and pragmatic working style, //in return, we gained trust from our customers, //our product is sold widely in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and many other countries and regions.// In 2011, we achieved sales income of $ 35 million,// and in 2012, 50 million RMB, and we are expecting to sell more than 55 million RMB in 2013,// of which 70% is our own export.// November 25, 2011, we successfully received BSCI international certification - social responsibility system - audited by STR Company from USA and in July 2013 we also got ETI certification.// We are one of the best companies in the industry who concentrate on occupational health, //fire safety, business management, environmental health, //dormitory canteen management and also other aspects.

      Thanksgiving and devotion is our corporate culture, and we aim at a happy family!

      Welcome customers and friends from all over the globe to visit us!

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©2014-2024  Copyright: Laiwu Lemei Handicraft Co., Ltd Brief Introduction   add:Laiwu District,Jinan  City,Shandong Province,China    
TEL:+86 531 76442286    Emaillwtmgyslj@163.com

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